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Lincoln and Mt. View Schools Models in State for Student Achievement

Lincoln Elementary School and Mt. View Elementary School were among 27 schools across the state identified this summer as Model schools.  These high poverty schools have been identified as examples of successful student outcomes and will serve as models and mentors to other schools around the state.  These schools will help share best practices and guide other schools on the journey toward better student outcomes and the state’s 40-40-20 Goal. 

Ninety-five Oregon schools were identified as either Priority or Focus schools and will receive additional supports and interventions from the state to help increase student achievement and close persistent achievement gaps.  Identification of these schools is one component of Oregon’s new accountability system approved last month by the U.S. Department of Education. 

As part of the federal ESEA waiver application, Oregon developed a new accountability system which uses multiple measures to rate schools.  For elementary schools, the measures include academic achievement, academic growth, and subgroup growth.  Schools receive an overall rating based on how well they are doing in each of these areas. 

Dr. Erin Prince, Superintendent of the Corvallis School District, says, “We congratulate all of the staff at Lincoln and Mt. View and are proud of the work they have done to help our students achieve the standards that will prepare them for successful completion of their K-12 education.” 

In the new system of supports for schools, Model schools will serve as exemplars which Priority and Focus schools will observe and study as an element of their work in school improvement.  To learn more about the critical role of model schools in the state’s improvement effort, teams from Lincoln and Mt. View will attend a one-day workshop later this month in Eugene, with funds provided by a grant from the state.

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